10 Things You Should Know Before You Start a Network Marketing Business

Have you ever considered a future in network marketing? While some may claim these types of businesses are nothing more than a scam or pyramid scheme, there are plenty of people who make a significant amount of money working for them. Before you decide a network marketing business is the right fit for you, here are 10 things you should know.


1. You Don’t Have to Know Sales

While having a background in sales can definitely help you get started, you don’t have to be experienced in the field to start your own successful network marketing business.


2. Understand the Business

Do some research prior to signing up with a company to be sure you’re committing to one that’s legitimate and fits your interests.

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3. Do Some Research

Don’t forget to research the company you’re looking to join. This can help solidify that your trust is rightly placed in a company, or that perhaps you’ve written off a company that may actually be a good fit for you. Be careful of the reviews you read online as well. For instance, ACN has been labeled as a scam yet they have a solid track record of success for 25 years and counting! Take everything you read with a grain of salt.


4. Consider Your Goals

What are your goals in starting up your network marketing business? Are you doing it purely for the extra income? To give you something extra to do? Are you hoping to turn this opportunity into a booming business? Keep your goals in focus to help you stay on track and remain motivated.


5. It Will Be Hard

But really, when is anything worthwhile ever not hard? Keep in mind that all of the hard work you’re doing will eventually pay off, but while you’re working to establish yourself and build your business, it’s going to be hard.


6. You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Most network marketing companies, like ACN, make sure you’re set up with an upline or mentor to give you tips and advice along the way.


7. Low Start Up Costs

Starting up a multilevel marketing business requires significantly less seed money than starting your own company from scratch.


8. Take Your Business Seriously

Treat your business like you would any start up—take it seriously. Don’t expect things to just fall into your lap. Building a successful business takes time and hard work.


9. Make Sure You Believe in the Product

Don’t sign up with a multilevel marketing company just to do it—make sure you sign up with a company offering a product you believe in. It’s easier to sell something you can stand behind.


10. You Determine Your Success

While it’s hard not to, try not to compare your success with the success of others within the company or other network marketing businesses. Remember your goals and keep pushing forward and you’ll find your own success.



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