5 Easy Tips for Taking the Perfect Wedding Selfie

Getting married: it’s the most exciting thing to ever happen to you. You love your husband-to-be so much, and you can’t wait to be walking down the aisle toward him, beautiful music playing while everyone you both love looks on, witnessing this display of love that will last eternally. You’ve found the perfect custom bridal gown, the bridesmaids look amazing too, and the bouquets they’re holding match the elaborate decorations you’ve chosen for the ceremony and the reception after.

But what you’re almost as excited about is posting about your wedding on social media, especially on Instagram, which is a much better photo album, in your opinion, than the physical kind. This is why it’s important to know exactly how to take the perfect wedding selfie. After all, you’ve paid an actual professional to do your makeup–so it’s your chance to look especially amazing, no matter what filter.

1 Follow the “rule of thirds”

Anytime you’re taking a picture of your face, you’re going to want to use the rule of thirds method–which basically means that you’ll want your face to appear in the top-right or top-left corner of the picture you’re taking. Otherwise, it’s going to look more like a passport photo and less like a fun, casual moment that you’ve captured. You can always have a friend tug on your veil (and not have her appear in the picture, of course, or crop her out later) so that you can still see that bit in the picture.

Considering that millions of photos are being uploaded to Facebook daily, you’re sure to find some inspiration from other selfies you come across, too. You might even get as famous as the main character in the movie People You May Know.

2 Take pictures in natural lighting

If you want the best selfie possible, you’ll probably want to schedule your wedding early in the day–that way, all your selfies can be taken in natural light. According to Seventeen.com, natural light makes it possible to give off your own natural glow–which on your wedding day will be beaming with joy. Artificial lighting isn’t going to cut it in this case. There’s a reason why 75.8 percent of office workers value natural light, and that’s because it just feels better than alternatives like fluorescent lighting.

And if you do want to ironically use flash in the dark with a couple of your best friends, then use the right hashtag like #myspace or #90sforever.

3 Hashtag it

If you want to get as much attention as possible from your selfies–and after all, why wouldn’t you, when it’s your big day?–then hashtags are the way to go. Show people that you’re not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, too; show them how witty and fun you are with the cool hashtags you use. Did you know that tweets with hashtags receive twice the engagement than those without? So it’ll definitely pay off if you want people to pay attention.

To learn more about creating the perfect hashtag for each pic, check out this guide.

4 Pose with other people

If you want even more attention, hashtags aren’t the only way to go–additionally, including shout-outs in your selfies with other people is going to get you shared and mentioned way more. Take some pics with your new hubby, with your bridesmaids, even with your mother-in-law. And if you shout out to caterers or the florist who designed those fab bouquets, they’ll definitely share it, which means you’ll appear in their Instagram accounts. Hundreds of brides-to-be will be inspired by your look.

It’s for this very reason that 67 percent of marketing and communications professionals engage with influencers for content promotion–because including others in your posts automatically makes them more popular.

5 Include props in your pics

Even the most beautiful brides are going to look better in a selfie with a glass of champagne in her hand, or with the bridal bouquet seconds before she throws it into a group of hopeful women. Why? According to Dolce & Gabbana’s selfie guide, part of what makes their ad campaigns work so well are the props people hold in their ads. The objects themselves are part of the story, just like the people are. So at your wedding, whether it’s a selfie alone or with a couple of your wedding guests, make sure you’re holding something else in the picture.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get 11.1 million likes–the number of likes for the most popular Instagram post ever.

The fact is, there are some great strategies you can use to take that perfect wedding selfie–so strike a pose, as Madonna says, and take some fab pictures of yourself. After all, it’s your day.

What do you think your best selfie look is? How do you think you’ll work it into your selfies?

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