5 Reasons You Should Invest in Pet Insurance

It’s an interesting fact that many people will fail to take their own prescribed medications as directed. But when it comes to taking care of pets, few pet owners fail to make sure their pets get their medications on time and in full. So, if we’re so willing to take better care of our four-legged friends- even better than we take care of ourselves- then why don’t more people invest in a comprehensive dog insurance plan, or for basic coverage for their furry pals? 

The fact is, few people even realize that they can buy coverage for their pet’s healthcare needs. Most people don’t take their pets to the vet unless there’s a problem. Still, most pet owners would certainly love to save a lot on their pet’s medical care by investing in pet insurance. In case you’re scratching your head wondering why you would ever do such a thing, here are five great reasons to buy pet insurance. 

You Can Pick a Vet 
Having a veterinarian who you feel comfortable with and who has that special touch to make your dog or cat feel at home on the checkup table is very important. It’s also a great help if you happen to know a good vet and want the freedom to get him or her to work on the family mascot- instead of an unknown stranger. Just like the ability to pick your doctor, picking your own vet can make a world of difference. 

Never Have to Choose between Your Pet and Your Bottom Line 
Waiting around until your pet gets sick to take them to the vet is a gamble. What if their condition is too expensive to pay for out of pocket? A lot of people end up in this situation and are forced to prioritize financial concerns over their pet. That can leave you with a terrible burden of guilt down the road. 

Rising Vet Costs 
Just as with human medical care- the cost of medical care for animals is not getting any cheaper. Investing in an insurance policy for your best friend is a good way to lock in certain costs. It also serves as protection against the big-ticket items that will always crop up right when you least expect them to. 

Choose a Plan for You and Your Pet 
Not every species and not every breed are going to have the same medical issues. Some breeds are almost certain to have some problems, and some will sail through life with no problems. Why would you want to pay for an insurance package the focuses on things your pet doesn’t need? Pick a plan that suits your pet’s profile, and your lifestyle. 

Signing up is Pretty Simple 
Unlike signing up for human medical insurance, insuring your pet is simple. As mentioned above, most pets have rather predictable medical needs, and the plans you will choose from are straightforward. Getting reimbursed is straightforward as well. Most plans ask you to send receipts to your vet and you receive a check within a few weeks.

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