Allergies: Myths and Facts That One Should Know

Change in weather is the first thing that is responsible for the seasonal allergies. There are various myths that people are living with. Never ignore the allergies as they can lead to the dangerous skin disease. Many local stores and online stores are providing medicines for such allergies but before going for them first consult with the doctors. Canada drugs online store for those who want medicines at their doorstep and at the low cost.

There are many myths that are related to allergies:

  • Myth no. 1

Cut flowers commonly trigger allergies- People always avoid of having the fragrance of blossoms, but very few people have the allergies reactions to a bouquet of beautiful flowers. You can blame the pollens from the trees, grass, and weeds and you can’t put flowers from those plants in a vase.

  • Myth no.2

Desert climate helps in curing allergies- Grass and weeds are found nearly everywhere and we can’t hide our self from them. Don’t pick up and move to escape from the allergies. Change in climate can curb your allergy symptoms. One can have reactions to the allergens and the curing process may take a long time if you do so. Changing the environment is not the right way to cure your allergies.

  • Myth no 3

Honey can fight off allergies- Some people believe that honey can be the good source of developing immunity to fight against allergies. But it’s not true most allergies don’t stem from the type found in honey. So, in that case, a jar of honey can’t help in curing the allergy. So never depend on it as it can’t ease the symptoms.

  • Myth no. 4

Kids don’t have allergies- Allergies can often start from the childhood age and you can get them in the adult age also. It all depends on the environment and where you live to encounter the allergy.

  • Myth no. 5

Rainwater washes off the pollens- The fact is rain, humidity and temperature affect the level of pollens to shed but there is a time when one can get outside. Pollens run count lowest in chilly, soggy days and tend to run highest between 10 am and 4 p.m.

  • Myth no. 6

Mold allergies strike only indoors- Small and tiny mold can be there everywhere. They can grow on soil, decayed leaves, and rotted wood. Most outdoor mold is not active during winters. Mold allergy has mostly happened in summer.

  • Myth no. 7

Hay fever comes from hay- People usually get confused by the name. But don’t let the name fool you. If you are never been to a farm still you can have the hay fever. Kids grown up in the farm have smaller chances to have this. It’s not a kind of fever. It’s a type of allergy.

People living with these myths sometimes gets the wrong way of treatment, so never go for such myths and get educate yourself to deal with such allergies.

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