Bookcase Cabinet in Practical and Functional Designs

Bookcase is furniture to put the books and it is usually a part of library. It is quite similar to bookshelves, but has closed door to prevent dust form outdoor. Bookcase cabinet is combination between bookcase and cabinet to create functional and artistic furniture. You will find various design, size, and model for this furniture. The main material is wooden because it has more benefits, especially teak.

The main design for this furniture has two sections. The first part is at the top section for book and it uses glass window as the door. You can see the book inside this case directly and some wooden frames hold those windows. The second part is cabinet section located at below bookcase. This part is similar to normal cabinet that you find on kitchen or any room. The only different is the cabinet becomes single furniture with bookcase. The height ratio between bookcase and cabinet is about two over one. Two third of furniture is for bookcase and the rest turns into cabinet with closed-door model. Inside the book section, you will find some shelves to arrange the books in proper order. Well, that is overall description for bookcase cabinet.

Usual design is very practical. Well, the artistic aspect can be seen from bookcase shape and its frame. Small size of this furniture only has single cabinet and bookcase with three layers for shelves. Some furniture is bigger with three to four cabinets that are common for personal library on your private room. For school or office, this furniture is also eligible to keep the books and documents in neat place. Another customized model is drawer at the below cabinet. For this design, the bookcase is smaller to give more spaces for cabinet itself. You also find this furniture with bookcase that has size more than twice of cabinet.

As it mentioned above, teak cabinet is one of recommended furniture because of high quality and durability. Teak is also suitable for bookcase. Besides usual design, you can try contemporary design, which more customized than standard. Bookcase is no longer in simple layer, but also some crossed design. The design is not definite, but the cabinet is always at below section. It is like floating shelves, except it is attached into cabinet at below section.

If you decide to use this furniture with big size, it is better to have rolling part at four corners. Big furniture is difficult to move, especially into the tight place, particularly teak wood. Certain bookcase cabinet is in portable mode to be carried easily anywhere you go. This furniture is also practical for students, when they live in dormitory.

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