Did you ask your seed stores these questions?

You need to be very vigilant when you are trying to cultivate marijuana at home. Sourcing of the best pot seeds for sale is going to be a major deciding factor on your success. When you are ordering your seeds online you need to ask a few important questions. Today everyone who cultivates marijuana orders them online and no one buys them from a pharmacist because online stores feature the largest collection of seeds all in one place. Once you decide to order marijuana seeds online remember to ask these questions.

Does the store feature the largest selection of marijuana seeds USA has to offer? This is one of the major factors because there are so many genetic strains out there. When you are cultivating marijuana, you should be in a position to cultivate any genetic strain of your choice. If you do not have this advantage then you are missing out on one of the major benefits of marijuana cultivation. Go with online stores that give you access to exceptional range of seeds so that you can enjoy various flavours of marijuana.

Secondly, what is the germination rate of the seeds supplied? You need to look for seeds that have the highest rate of germination. Good germination rate is an indicator of healthy seeds. Find stores that offer you guarantee on their germination rate. Without checking on this factor do not place your order.

What is the age of the seeds sold? If the seeds are too old then they may not be viable. They may not germinate at all if they are older than 180 days. Find stores that bring you the freshest selection of seeds. If you go with a popular store, they will be moving their stocks fast and they will constantly be updating their inventory. This is one of the best ways to have access the freshest selection of seeds.

Are the seeds feminized or non-feminized. You need to buy seeds that are feminized if you want to increase the success rate. Some stores sell non-feminized seedsĀ  as feminized seeds. You will have to therefore look for stores that do not deceive its customers. Identify the best seedbanks so that you could confidently place the order for the seeds without any hesitation.

The cost of the seeds also matter a great deal in this process. So are you ordering your seeds at the right prices? Is the online seedbank bringing to you good quality seeds at a reasonable price? You need to work with trusted suppliers here again to save money buying the best quality seeds.

How about returns and exchanges? Will you be able to return the seeds or exchange if there are issues with the seeds delivered?

Is there any additional charge for shipping and if there are additional charges how much exactly you need to pay for shipping? Do not forget to ask these questions and worse still, never presume things as far as cost relates factors are concerned.

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