Food Product Quality Control and Assurance – An Introduction

With laboratory instrument manufacturers such as Stanhope-Seta gaining high amounts of popularity around the world, today we are going to look into why this could be – explaining what quality control means within the food industry and where machinery from Stanhope Seta and other leading manufacturers comes in.

It is highly important for food products to meet a clear and consistent set of standards, giving consumers quality assurance knowing that the items that they buy are safe and consistent. Because of this during food manufacturing, there are a number of stages where products must be checked for quality and consistency; this means that if any food products are not in line they can be examined and changed can be made to the manufacturing process accordingly.  

Quality control check vary from product to product, with the most common checks generally including the following:

Weight checks – These checks ensure that products weight the exact weight that they should.

Visual checks – These checks ensure that products all look the same and that they look as they should look.

Temperature checks – These checks ensure the products are all of an appropriate and recommended temperature.

pH checks – These checks ensure that food products have the correct acidity and alkalinity levels.

Microbiological checks – These checks ensure that food products are not facing harmful bacteria levels.

Chemical checks – These checks ensure that food products are guarded from chemical contamination.

Metal checks – These checks ensure that food products are fully guarded against metal contamination.

Organoleptic checks – These checks test the flavour, aromas and textures of food products, and are carried out through sampling, often taking longer than other checks.

These are only some of the test that food products face too – if you would like more information or have any questions do not hesitate to contact Mindex LTD who are always happy to help.

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