Get the modern taps for your bathroom

Everyone wants to make their bathrooms look beautiful and modern. Due to everyday changes in technologies, many types of taps are available in the market. Taps are crowned jewels for every bathroom available in amazing shapes and sizes. Shower in your bathroom are the biggest attractions for anyone. A standard faucet of your bathroom consists of two main parts, showerhead and valve. A shower faucet comes in major variety of shapes and styles. They are available in two designs, single handle or two handle in which single handle design is the most popular because it allows the users to adjust the volume and temperature of water.

Types of shower faucet

After a long day of work, everyone wants a relaxing shower. Having a shower removes all dirt and negativity. Different types of shower faucets are described below which provide you unique shower experience.

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  • Concealed shower

These types of shower are not visible immediately due to their design. They don’t use much space that allows you to make minimum use of floor space for shower. These showers are mounted from ceiling that provides great water flow coverage. By this, you have a lot of choices on how water flows on your body. You can also use LED lights, which provide different color lights on water at separate intervals.

  • Wave shower

This is the most uncommon type of shower. They are very effective in releasing stress as they produce waves upon waves of water. They are also called waterfall shower faucets because they give you experience of a waterfall. This shower provides you an exceptional bathing experience than any other shower. You will get habitual of taking shower under thin sprays and drops of water. By using a waterfall shower, you will be able to feel the waves of water.    

  • Body shower

Have you ever gone for a car wash without your car? That’s what happens when you go under a body shower. You have to walk in shower area and water is sprayed on your body from different directions.

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