How to maintain a healthy landscape affordably?

Using excessive amounts of water is not the answer to keep your landscape, green, fresh and healthy. Not only will this cost you more, it can also be bad for the grass. The right solution is to get an irrigation system installed. Follow the nyc sprinkler code, put in a reliable watering system, and make your lawn shine.

Benefits of Installing a watering system

A good watering system can help transform your lawn into a healthy and beautiful one, just the way you always wanted. It ensures your yard gets the right amount of hydration.

It saves time

Manually watering your lawn can take up a lot of your time and efforts. With an irrigation system you can save a lot of time that you can use for more important things. Your lawn will thrive without you doing anything much.

It saves money

Although the initial cost of installing an irrigation system is high, it will start paying for itself in the long run. You can save a lot of money on your bills, while making sure you don’t waste any water on over-watering your lawn.

It saves water

Conserving water is one of the important benefits of installing an irrigation system. It gives you a healthy beautiful lawn without using too much of water. You get to learn how to water your lawn properly without putting in any efforts.

It gives you an established lawn

An irrigation system or sprinkler system will ensure you get an established lawn faster than you can think of. An established lawn would require far less water when compared to a freshly seeded or newly sodded area.

Tips to water your lawn efficiently

  • When the weather starts getting cooler you may water your lawn every other day.
  • During the hot summer months, you may have to water your lawn about five to six times in a week.
  • Between 3 and 6 AM is the best time to water your lawn, as you can take advantage of the coolest time of the day. If you are watering twice a day, you can schedule your sprinkler system for 3 to 6 AM and 6 to 8 PM
  • If you have newly installed sod, you may have to water your lawn twice every day. A third water cycle may be required during extreme heat. The water frequency will have to be reduced after about a few weeks after the grow-in period has passed.

Get a sprinkler system installed to reduce water wastage and ensure healthy and safe water supply to your future generations, while still getting a green, healthy turf that can turn heads.

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