Is Drug Screening Services for Employers Necessary?

The process of recruiting qualified staffs for the vacant post advertised is becoming more and more difficult. The last thing any business wants to do is to have a large fraction of its existing workforce abusing drugs whether during working hours or off work. The truth is that most employees don’t abuse drugs and many don’t find an environment filled with drug abusers conducive enough to work. Such conscious employees are parents who are concerned about the effect of drugs abuse on the younger generation. If you don’t want to go to work on a Monday morning to find most desks empty, dedicated drug screening services for employers is a must. They will help you screen workers of drug use before hiring.

Substance abuse can cause extensive damage to the reputation of a business. Unfortunately, many companies have failed to address this issue. One of the reasons why companies fail to hire dedicated drug screening services for employers is because of the cost. In a bid to save cost by failing to screen workers before hiring, companies lose a lot. Firstly, a worker who is notorious for abusing drug will be less productive. This will affect the productivity level of the business. Secondly, they are more vulnerable to a workplace accident and might file for workplace accident claim.  

Businesses lose several thousands of dollars every year in lost productivity, thanks to drug use in the workplace. Other areas affected include increased health problems and workplace accidents. Unfortunately, many drug abusers have been able to secure jobs in both big and small enterprises. They’ve managed to mask their destructive problem from their employers. It is impossible for business owners or employers to know if employees are into illegal substance abuse without doing the needful. One way to ensure a highly productive and functional workforce is to hire drug screening services for employers.

Small businesses bear the greatest burden of illegal drug abusers. Many big businesses know the importance of screening employees for drug abuse before hiring. A business that does not have drug free workplace policies in place will be vulnerable to hiring employees who are notorious drug abusers. One thing you should know is that individuals who abuse drugs will not come close to your establishment if you have the drug free workplace policies in place. Instead, they will apply for a position in organizations that don’t have a policy in place and where there is no drug screening involved. The truth of the matter is that no drug abuser wants to be screened because they know the result will come out positive.

Drug abusers are vulnerable to workplace accidents. And once this happens, they file for a worker compensation claim. Unknowingly to employers, a large fraction of workers compensation claims is related to drug abuse. This leads to additional expenses.

Drug screening services for employers can help you in this regard. Start testing your employees before hiring. This will increase your level of productivity and increase revenue. Many companies are now testing their employees, and so should you.

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