Recipe Time: Wonderfully Simple Honey Wine to Gift to Your Loved One

Finding the right gift for your loved one can be hard at times. This is a task most people do not like to do. Some people fear that the gift will not be appreciated or simply will not be good enough. One way around this is to make your gift. The following is a honey wine recipe that should make your romantic evening that much better.

Why Try a Wine?

This type of wine is quite exquisite and can be expensive when it is done right. The only problem with some of the honey wines sold in stores is they might contain activated yeast, instead of wild yeast, and it is usually filtered. You want those probiotics found in naturally fermented drinks like this one, and you can have it all if you make your own honey wine. What you are going to be doing is giving your loved one something healthy, something handcrafted, and something romantic.

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Ingredients You Will Need

You are going to be using ingredients like raw honey instead of filtered honey. Raw honey is very beneficial, as it contains a small amount of healthful minerals and is antibacterial. You will also need the following ingredients:

  • Three cups of raw honey
  • Three quarts of clean, spring water
  • One cup of natural soda starter or ginger bug
  • Two glass gallon jars
  • An airlock or a balloon
  • Clean wine bottles that you can seal
  • Funnel

How to Make the Wine

The first thing you are going to do is combine the honey and water in your gallon jar. Make sure that the water is lukewarm so that the honey dissolves easily as you stir. You can add your starter or ginger bug once the honey has dissolved, and just cover the jar with a dish cloth.

Now, you are going to want to come back and stir your blend twice a day. You will be doing this for about three days though sometimes it could take four days. What you want to see is bubbles forming, which is a sign that you’ve successfully created your wine base.

At this point, you are going to transfer the wine base into your clean gallon jar using your funnel. Cover the new jar with the airlock or a balloon for three weeks. It may be a good idea to mark this on your calendar to stay on top of your honey wine. You can let it ferment longer, which means that the alcohol content will be higher. All you have to do is transfer your wine into your clean wine bottles and put them in the fridge after the three weeks.

What Pairs Well With Honey Wine?

All you have to do now is figure out what pairs well with your honey wine. Well, you might want to serve your homemade wine with handcrafted truffles. See more here to check out this option. Truffles always pair well with something like honey wine, which is light with just a touch of tang. You can also pair the wine with BBQ or baked breads if you want additional ideas.

It may be a good idea to decorate the honey wine bottle to highlight your work. You could even document your journey to show your loved one all the work you had to do, unless you want to keep it a secret. Making this gift with love is part of the reason it is going to be a great gift.

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