Rolex Submariner Automatic Blue Dial Oyster 18k Gold Review

Rolex is without a doubt the most well-known, expensive, and high-quality timepieces one can buy. Founded in the beginning of the 20th Century, Rolex began making some of the world-renowned timepieces in the 1920s and 1930s. These pieces (it seems hardly fitting to call them watches) were made with diamonds, exceptionally crafted, hand wound, and fitted with Silk moiré bands for evening dress. These Rolexes were rare for their time and considered even more special than Rolexes are today. These Golden days of watch-making were firmly led by Rolex, which embodied the glamor and pure luxury craftsmanship that existed during the Deco period.

The same is said to be true today. In modern times, while Classic Rolexes are still highly regarded, they have a lot more competition both from other watch brands, digital smart watches and fashion brands such as Michael Kors, Daniel Wellington and Lacoste watches. However, Rolex has kept up with modern quality and innovation. In 1926, Rolex invented the first water- and dust-proof wristwatch—90 years later, this is still being done, but by none better than Rolex. This is how the Rolex Men’s Submariner Automatic Blue Dial Oyster wristwatch came onto the scene. A Rolex Oyster was submerged during a 10-hour swim across the English Channel in 1927—after which, the wristwatch was in perfect working condition. Nearly a century later, this technology is more popular than ever, and is often expected to be a standard in luxury timepieces today.

The 18k Solid Gold Rolex Submariner Automatic Oyster featured here is the perfect example of Rolex’s lasting quality, technological innovation, and high-quality luxury materials that go into each timepiece.


With a round display of 40mm and a case thickness of 12mm, this Men’s Oyster wristwatch by Rolex is an achievement not only in the level of luxury and high-class material, but also at its reliability, features, and functions. The design is classic, with the round, Sapphire dial window that is indicative of the Submariner design. With an 18k solid yellow gold Oyster band, this wristwatch is bold on the eyes due to its sophisticated and elegant deep blue dial and bezel rimmed with gold.

Following tradition, this Submariner is water resistant up to 300 Meters; an incredible depth. In addition, only the best movement has been used in this high-quality timepiece—utilizing a Swiss made Automatic movement, the Submariner does not need nor require winding or power from any other source than your own body. Using kinetic energy, the Automatic movement uses the motion of the watch-wearer’s arm to generate power to keep the timepiece working. Being of the highest quality, the Swiss made movement is created by the best craftsmen in the world.

Power Source

Utilizing Automatic movement, this model uses the kinetic energy from the movement of the wearer’s arm to generate the power source for this timepiece. This will ensure longevity and sustainability for decades to come.

The Good

One of the many positive aspects of this model is the bracelet quality. The band is made up of solid links and has a new adjustment system than older models have. Older Rolex Submariner models had hollow links and stretched with time. However, this model is solid, larger, and heavier than ones of the past. The Oyster 18k solid gold is of the highest quality and you will feel it once it is on your wrist. This quality is quite literally worth its weight in gold, and then some. Conveniently, the wearer can purchase extra links should the 20mm band be too small for one’s wrist.

The Automatic movement is of course, the most ecological and intelligent way to power this timepiece. With the movement of one’s own arm comes the energy to generate power for the Rolex’s classic in-house movement.

The Bad

There are hardly any negative things to say about this wristwatch, but for some, there are two issues that do not sit right with some potential buyers. The first is the size. At 40mm, many men find the round face to be too small and closer in size to a ladies watch (which is typically 38mm) than a man’s watch. For the price, some expect the face to be larger as a Submariner and a Man’s Rolex. This is a valid concern, and remind yourself to double check the specifications to ensure this timepiece suits you. It is recommended that you go in-store to try on this wristwatch or one with a similar band length, width, colour, and face size so you will know what it looks like on you. You can then shop around and purchase at any location at your convenience.

The second and most obvious of all is the price – a nearly $28,000 pricetag may be too expensive for even the most loyal of Rolex lovers. However, if one is shopping for a Rolex Submariner, with solid gold, genuine Sapphire, and Swiss Automatic movement, one should expect a price tag. If stumbled across during the search for a $10,000 Rolex, it is relatable that one may be weary at the price tag.

However, for those who have been searching for a Rolex model such as this, the price is of no concern. When compared to others in its class, it becomes clear that the price reflects the evident quality of material and function.


The functionality of this Rolex is without question. The materials are made of the highest quality and this solid gold Submariner can withstand some adventure. For those who dive and love the water, this model will function perfectly every time. With a water resistance up to 300 Meters, there is no concern of damage to this fine timepiece. Being dust resistant as well, you can be assured that the blue dial will remain clear and beautiful for decades.

The versatile shades of this wristwatch ensures that once out of the water, this Rolex looks just as natural on your wrist at a dinner party, charity event, casual wear, and even during a game racquet or your choice of sport. This is a solid piece that will make any man proud to have on his wrist.


Unsurprisingly, the price for this Rolex Submariner is steep. However, due to the sheer quality and luxury packed perfectly into this wondrously functional and attractive wristwatch, it is worth every penny.You can purchase the Rolex Men’s Submariner Automatic Blue Dial Oyster 18k Solid Gold wristwatch for $27,635.

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