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Usually, the products present on different online shopping websites are cheaper than the actual price of that product. It is because of the reason that these products are kept in a warehouse. So instead of spending money on a store, the saved investment is implied in the cut prices of the products. Therefore, you save money. But what if someone tells you that you can save money even after buying the product. Yes, it is possible. Planet Express offers the cheapest prices for the shipment of the product just get us address and get the package forwarded to you.

The shipping process of a product internationally is very expensive. But Planet Express cuts down the prices by discounts, leading up to 50% – 80% savings. Many U.S. retailers don’t offer international shipping and that’s the reason Planet Express is the best solution for international deliveries.

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With the basic information, customers can calculate the charges of your package delivery using the postage calculator. It enables the customer to provide details on the size, weight, height, length, value, shipping country, state, city, and zip code for the delivery. The postage calculator gives an estimated price for the shipment and the service makes it sure that the customer won’t have to pay any additional or hidden fees other than the price given by the postage calculator.

The services also have fulfillment center which offers Business fulfillment service, e-commerce fulfillment, Subscription box fulfillment, and Amazon fulfillment. The e-commerce fulfillment identifies how many orders you process per month to determine your pick fees from a limit of 1000-1999 orders. The subscription box fulfillment is done from a limit of more than 500 orders. The Amazon fulfillment is done from 0-2000+ orders.

The Planet Express provides incredible customer services, prices, reliability, and integrity to deliver your product in your hand.

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