Some things that you need to know about alimony

When a couple of divorces, numerous issues have to be specified, such as how to distribute their assets or custody of their children. Everything that concerns the children is the paramount part of the divorce process so that it can be guaranteed that they suffer less and will not have needs in the future.

This means that the children will live with one of their parents in most cases it is usually with the mother- but the other will leave the house and must pay each month an amount to fend for their food, health, educational and other important needs. This is what is known as child support, and it is a reason for strong arguments between the father and the mother during the divorce, even after the divorce. The specific amount is calculated and given considering factors such as expenses procured from the upbringing of the child and the salary of the parents.

Mutual agreement divorce

In the event that the divorce is by mutual agreement, it must be the two parents who determine the amount of money that will be established as child support. In case the where separation ended before a judge, it will be the judge who determines the amount appropriate for the maintenance.

For this, the expenses derived from the raising of the children of the family will be taken into account: the rent/mortgage of the house, tuition fees, the food, the transport, clothing etc. Although the amount can be reduced or increased depending on how much the non-custodial parent wins. The amounts also can be different between siblings because one might have greater needs for money maybe because of studying superior courses compared to that of the other siblings.

Both the child/children and the parents can request support review something that usually happens as they grow up. Expenditures on teenagers are usually higher than those of younger children.

Sometimes a man may have to pay support to the ex-partner if she shows that she has no income and that she is financially dependent on her former partner. This usually happens in the case of the mother, since it is usual for the woman to give up a job outside the home. But it must be the judge who determines how much support to be paid. The support will be established according to the expenses of maintenance and salaries.

Child maintenance Support Paid?

According to the law, parents have to take charge of the maintenance of their children until they stop being adolescents and they reach the age of majority. This means that after a divorce, the one who does not have custody must pay Alimony until their children reach 18 years.

Added to this is the fact that once they have passed that age, they must continue to do so if the young people continue studying or do not have the economic independence that allows them to live without the support of their parents. This means, in reality, that support continues to be paid until the child has a job and can earn his own money or becomes independent from home. Casual jobs are not taken into account since it is understood that this money is not enough to support the child.

In fact, no age at which a parent can stop paying child support while the financial independence of this child has not been determined.

What Happens If the Support Is Not Paid?

Practically in divorce, it is a judge who determines that the parent most likely the father who no longer lives at home has to pass support to his children and in case of an amicable separation the agreement is registered. Failure to comply, in any of the cases, can be appealed to the court to claim the parenting payment of maintenance money.

The parent can stop paying these living expenses once the judge determines it and it is proven that the child is financially independent.

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