Top 3 Popular Retirement Locations in Spain

Spain is ranked as one of the best retiring destinations; this was done basing on the cost of living, real estate, retiring benefits, the climate, healthcare, the entertainment and the ease to integration. Spain has always been a popular destination for tourist due to its climate, its natural beauty, the warm and engaging people in Spain, the cuisine and festivals. For those who have just retired, this is the best place for them because they will have to enjoy all these as well as the low cost of living and a national health system that is well developed.


This is considered as the largest City in Spain, and it is also the capital of Spain. This is a cosmopolitan city with a combination of world history as well as a heritage; it has several modern infrastructures as well as status as the economic and the financial centre. Culture and art are an essential part of a destination. Fortunately, the city is bragging of more than 60 museums which include the Prado Museum of Art, the Reina Sofia National Art Centre and lastly, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Furthermore, the retirees can also spend time in the extensive park of Madrid as well as the garden system and hence get to enjoy the nightlife of Madrid City.


It is the third largest city in Spain; Valencia is a good place for retirees because of its convenient air, the excellent rail connections, several major hospitals, a lot of universities and a lot of parks. It also has green spaces under leafy trees where one can take a walk. The city is rich in culture, it is also rich in science and art, it has a lot of museums and concert halls, and it is also one of the largest historical centres in Europe. The good news is that Valencia’s cost of living is much lower than that of Madrid and Barcelona. This site has plenty of info on buying a property in the Valencian region.


Barcelona city is second to Madrid; it is a stylish and vibrant city with oozing colour, culture as well as creativity. There are a lot of cheap eats in Barcelona with fine dining. It’s a city with high fashion, street chic, a lot of beaches, blues and several ballet centres. This is also a city for electric nightlife, for those retirees who are looking for nothing but fun and a lot of pleasure, this is the place to be.

For those who have just retired and are out there seeking to change their scenery, get new experiences and have access to good and affordable healthcare, they should consider moving to Spain. As you have read above, Spain provides a temperate climate to its visitors; it is also rich in history, arts as well as culture. It also offers food and wine, it is good in outdoor recreation, and it is naturally beautiful. Most places in Spain have a low cost of living. For those who are much more concerned with cost, it would be great if they settle in places which are less popular rather than settling in places like Madrid and Barcelona where the cost of living is a bit higher.

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