Top 7 Common Tree Removal Mistakes

Mature trees are hardy and strong. Compared to shrubs, herbs and other small plants, trees do not require a lot of care and maintenance. And many property owners sometimes have to end up cutting their trees due to several reasons such as safety and aesthetic appeal of their property. Here’s the sad part- some cut their trees on their own, which lead to tree removal mistakes including the following.

  1. Using Chainsaws without The Right Skills

There is more to the chainsaws than meets the eye. Sure, they can arouse your adrenaline when they rev up and hack into tree trunks. But chainsaws are very powerful and treacherous. For one, a chainsaw can lunge back at you in a phenomenon which is known as “kickback.” Kickback is sudden and is fatal in some instances. Hire the experts at for skillful tree removal.

  1. Not Dressed Up Appropriately

Tree removal requires you to dress appropriately. It is extremely important to have gloves, goggles and a hard protective hat on, much like a helmet. The gloves will keep you from bruising during the cutting and from thorns. The hard helmet hat is a safety feature to ensure you remain unhurt in case a branch falls off. The goggles will keep your eyes safe from any debris falling off the top of the tree.

  1. Height Problems

Tree removal can involve dizzying heights. DIY tree removal isn’t ideal for such situation. Some people make a mistake of climbing great heights to remove tree branches. This way, you are courting dangerous falls.

  1. Improper Tree Cutting

Nothing causes more damage to property and injuries than cutting trees without hinging. Before you hack into a tree, you need to know where to direct it. Of course, it should be away from buildings, other trees, vehicles, and so forth. Hingingrefers to the act of giving a tree a falling direction by creating a wedge-shaped cut using a chainsaw.

  1. Cutting Trees that are Too Close

This DIY pitfall can cause branches of another tree to snap. Also, you are going to disrupt root system of the remaining trees. By exposing them, you are making the tree susceptible to diseases and decay.

  1. DIY Even With Lack Of Knowledge

How much do you know about the surrounding roots, shrubs, rocks, etc. You could fall while you’re in the process. You could hurt yourself in a hundred ways. Lack of awareness is not an issue when it comes to a professional which is why it’s best to skip the task and hire someone who knows exactly what to do.

  1. Powerline Problems

Trees can fall or lean against power cables because of heavy winds and powerful storms. Newsflash: you shouldn’t remove that tree without professional help. Many DIY mistakes arise from power line problems.

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