Where To Travel In Australia In January?

One of the top places in the world for campervan hire travel is Australia. Many thousands of road trippers have experienced this diverse terrain which runs the gamut from desert wilderness to unspoiled coastline to lush rainforests to glistening cities. Since January is the height of the summer in this season, many travellers tend to flock to the southern end in order to experience the tropical splendour on offer. Other travellers have begun to discover the advantages of hitting the northern section, which includes less crowded attractions, so you should definitely consider hitting northern Australia in January for a really unique experience. If you do happen to hit up the northlands in January, then make sure to take the following destinations into account.

Port Macquarie

This small city in the Sydney area is well known as having the top climate in all of Australia according to the CSIRO. Keep in mind that January is the top of the summer in Australia, and the humidity is intense in many corners of the country. You will not experience this in Port Macquarie. This location has all the attractions and action that you get in larger cities, plus the laid back charm of the small Australian town all rolled into one. The beaches here are excellent and include panoramic water views that will completely take your breath away. When you aren’t enjoying the beach you can dine in one of the many great restaurants in the area and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. With its variety of beaches and lively, eclectic local scene, Port Macquarie is a must-see on any northern Australian journey.


Located within convenient distance from Melbourne, Geelong has everything you need for a great Australian summer. You have high quality beaches lining the coast plus a number of relaxed, scenic seaside towns that are great for exploring. This is an up-and-coming region that features a large number of new, hip eateries, bars, and boutiques. The waterfront in Geelong is one of the most beautiful urban beach scenes to be found anywhere in the world, and the area has one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in the country. Just outside the city you have the opportunity for many outdoor activities from hiking to rafting to snorkeling and paddle boarding. Geelong puts you within striking distance of some of the most gorgeous unspoiled coastline in the country. Make sure not to pass this one up if you are in the Melbourne area.

Snowy Mountains

Although this area is mostly known for its winter sports, you would be surprised at the number of travellers who drive their campervan hires into the Snowy Mountains area in the height of the summertime. As the weather gets warmer, many outdoor activities become possible. When you consider the beauty and sweep of this land, the thought of a long hike in the Snowy Mountains region becomes very appealing. There are also a wide range of activities other than hiking, including horse riding and kayaking on multiple whitewater lakes. Don’t forget about the mountain range that gives this region its name, where you can engage in climbing, mountain biking, and simply hiking the trails and taking in the epic views. This is truly some of the most rugged and scenic terrain to be found anywhere in Australia. To watch the land bloom and prosper in the summer months are a sight to behold, so don’t write off the Snowy Mountains area when planning for your trip.


Don’t count out Tasmania if you’re looking for a unique summer Australian destination. Locals know that Tasmania features far less humidity than most other parts of the country and far less rainfall as well. With this great weather comes a variety of festivals and markets in the city of Hobart. The city itself is a marvel, featuring a lively scene. Lush parks, and the famous botanic gardens. This is a great walking city, so you can easily move about between the attractions as a pedestrian. The waterfront is particularly scenic, so make sure to take a stroll along the water when in town or dine out at one of the many eateries overlooking the beach. Of course just outside of Hobart you have incredible hiking opportunities in the famous Tasmanian wilderness, where you can experience this vast and fascinating region without being troubled by the cold that clamps down on the region in the non-summer months.

There are many places in northern Australia to explore in the summertime that will allow you to escape the crowds and humidity of the southern region. The northern lands are perfect since you can experience the warmth of summer without getting bogged down in touristy, overcrowded conditions. For your next campervan hire trip in Australia, make sure to schedule in a northern tour.

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