Why Should We Look After Our Trees?

The trees we see around us are very significant and have always been essential for improving the condition of humanity during their lifetime and after harvest as well. In fact, without trees, it would be difficult for humans to exist on this wonderful planet and the modern community has many practical reasons to honour and admire trees. Some of these communities also practice arboriculture, the physical maintenance of individual trees which can lead to substantial returns in the long run. The following are a few reasons why we should look after our trees to improve the world’s condition. This list is not exhaustive; however, the message is clear, trees are significant.

Environmental benefits

It’s obvious that trees are responsible for altering our environment by improving air quality, moderating climate, harbouring wildlife, and reducing the runoff of storm-water. Some of the environmental benefits of trees include:

Leaves usually filter the air by removing dust and many other particles as well as releasing oxygen.

Trees help in moderating temperatures by producing a cooling effect which counteracts the heating effect of buildings and pavements in urban areas.

Compact tree vegetation can act as a windbreak and also offer protection from rainfall.

Communal benefits

Trees planted on private properties can also provide lots of benefits to the community with proper maintenance. Trees reduce glare and noise, enhance architecture, provide accentuate views and privacy as well. Wildlife and other natural elements are also brought to the urban settings which help in improving the residents’ quality of life.

Economic benefits

Trees have brought many economic benefits which are not only direct but indirect as well. Trees provide shade which minimises the cooling expenditure of your home and also reduces your heating expenses during winter by serving as a windbreak. Moreover, the market value of a landscaped property is 6 to 20 per cent greater than that of non-landscaped estates depending on the location, size, condition and the species of the trees that make up the landscape. If you have included trees in your landscape, it is vital to take good care of them to reap substantial returns when selling your property. An arborist can assist you in determining the value of the trees by giving you an appraisal. The documentation that shows the value of the trees can help you ascertain the value of your property and insurance claims in case of a loss.

Social benefits

Trees provide many social benefits that go beyond appreciating their beauty. You will enjoy a calming effect by being near a tree. The peace and calmness you feel can reduce fatigue and stress significantly, and also reduce recovery time from an illness or surgery. Recent studies have also shown that green spaces help in reducing levels of crime in urban settings.

Trees provide lots of benefits but to maximise these benefits routine maintenance and manipulation is needed. Though these advantages start the moment you plant a tree, they are minimal when you compare them to the benefits of a fully-grown tree. The expenses associated with cutting a mature tree and planting a new one is higher than those of regular tree maintenance routines, so arboriculture is the way to go.

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