Why Stanhope-Seta Is Top of Africa and the Middle East Export Market

Export of the crude oil has been one of the major sources of foreign exchange in African and Middle East countries. Most of the African and Middle East economy depends on the export of crude oil. Stanhope-Seta Company is best known for the production of laboratory equipment which is used to measure the quality of the crude oil and petroleum products. Many different companies use the test equipment. The equipment is not only used to see the quality of crude oil but also pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, waste, plastics, petrochemical, and transport worldwide.


  1. Offers the best quality control equipment

The company offers some of the high-quality equipment that is used to measure the quality parameters such as vapour pressure, viscosity, penetration, flash point and contaminants. This ensures that all your products are safe from any contamination and can are safe for use. Since the equipment are used to measure the quality of many products not just crude oil materials they are required to be of high quality.

Stanhope Seta petroleum test equipment with the involvement of some major national and international standardisation company like ASTM, ISO, BSI, and IP contribute to test method specifications that are used to determine the quality standards of the products. This ensures that the products are tasted up to standards and the standards are the same across the two continents.

  1. The designs are supported by the ISO 90001

All the Stanhope Seta laboratory instruments for sale are supported by the ISO 9001. Which ensures that all the equipment is safe to use and they will provide the best quality when in use. This ensures friendly technical support and sales. The sales representatives ensure that when you are buying the equipment, you are up to date with all the information on how to use the instruments.

Additionally, this ensures that all the lab equipment information is available whenever someone wants to retrieve it. Also, the ISO certification ensures that all the equipment is safe to be used and they can not cause any harm to the user, and all the safety methods are updated. In case you want some spare parts for your equipment you can easily get them depending on which model of the equipment you have been using. The certification ensures that the company adheres to all the stringent tests, calibration and inspection procedures put in place.


Stanhope-Seta Africa is known for supplying the top-notch equipment for testing quality in many products. Ranging from crude oil, cosmetic products, and food. This ensures that all the products used are safe to human beings.

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