Why Your Air-Conditioner is The Most Important Home Appliance

I you were to ask someone what the most important appliance in their home, it might take them a moment to think about it before they answered. Some might say that it is the microwave, or the conventional oven, because it allows them to cook or warm their food. Some might have their thoughts on the television because it provides them with a window to the world. If it is a young male, he might opt for a video game console because it provides him with hours of fun and entertainment, or a young lady might choose an appliance that helps her do personal grooming.

But if you ask any of these people could they live without their air conditioner on a hot summer day, each of them would place their air conditioner above any of the other appliances that they were considering.

What are the things they think about that make them move the air conditioner to the top of the list? Here are the few of the benefits that a quality air conditioner can provide for you and your family.

Cool your home

Residential air conditioners provide an important and welcome service to homeowners. Keeping cool when the weather outside is hot can be a considerable challenge, unless there is a good quality air conditioning unit and your home. Whether you have a ductless or a ducted air conditioner, it can create conditions in your home that allow your family to be cool and comfortable.

There are a variety of options today for the type of air conditioners you can purchase. You can choose a ducted system or a multi split system air conditionerwhich uses a ductless configuration where one outdoor unit can power up to six indoor units efficiently, providing both cost and energy savings.

In addition to providing cool air to make us more comfortable, air conditioners are also safety devices in many homes. In areas where the temperatures can rise to triple digits, the oldest, youngest, and least well amongst us, can have serious health consequences in these conditions.

As climate change causes temperatures to continually rise around the globe, these very hot life-threatening conditions will become more prevalent in more places. Having access to good quality air conditioning in these conditions will literally save lives. If your air conditioner is failing, older than 12 years, or is constantly being repaired, you should seriously consider purchasing a new unit to ensure the good health and safety of those you love.

Filter out dirt and other pollutants from the air

New home air conditioners do a fantastic job of filtering out dirt and other pollutants from the air that it circulates in your home. They contain much higher quality filtration systems including HEPA filters. These highly efficient filters are specifically designed to capture even the smallest particles which can cause hay fever symptoms, allergy responses and respiratory issues when inhaled. Having higher quality air in our homes makes us and our families healthier.

When you consider the benefits that quality air condition provides, it is easy to see why the home air conditioner is the most important appliance in your home.

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